Performance System


iNpro+ is an evidenced-based, holistic (Mind/Body/Spirit) approach to individual and organizational performance improvement.  Our program was researched, developed, and field tested in both athletic and first-responder environments. 

The iNpro+ performance framework is based on Fighter Pilot John Boyd’s “Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA) Loop” developed during the Korean War.  The OODA Loop is now used extensively in both military operations and business operations around the world.


To successfully operate at high levels of performance, individuals at all levels must be able to “See” opportunities for victory first, before their competition/opposition.

iNpro+ enhances individual and organizational Mindfulness, reduces Perception/Expectation Blindness, increases Distinction Making abilities, and strengthens Attention Stability.


Winners must accurately and effectively “orient/interpret” data they “Observe” – in sports and emergency situations, this normally happens very rapidly.  iNpro+ uses “True Colors” Personality Assessment Tools to help individuals and organizations fully understand their (and others’) “personality-driven” performance style. 

iNpro+ develops Emotional Intelligence (EI) levels of participants and organizations, resulting in greater self-control, reduced stress levels, and sustainable performance.  Our program also evaluates and increases individual and organizational Psychological Capital (PsyCap) levels.  PsyCap targets four critical performance components:  Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism (HERO).


Great Decisions = Great Results!  iNpro+ helps individuals and organizations become Problem Solvers and Critical Thinkers from planning phase through mission completion.  By fully understanding and practicing the “Victor’s Decision Cycle” – more effective decisions can be made quicker. 

Our program also helps identify and mitigate “fatal flaws” that exist in every decision maker.  These mental “Achille’s Heels” may lead to unwanted predictability and even worse, “3-Second Decisions” that result in mission failure and possibly “Life-Time” regret.


iNpro+ works with individuals to help them achieve “In-the-Zone” Performance more frequently.  Practice during “practice time” is only one part of a Championship Solution.  Winners must “visualize” their performance continually leading up to a competitive event.  This “mental rehearsal” will allow individuals and organizations to have performance that “Flows”…increasing the opportunity for mission success. 


iNpro+ fully incorporates Technology  and Artificial Intelligence into this “Inside-Out” performance development program.  We use video footage (Aerial/1st Person/3rd Person) to increase skill achievement.  The use of real-time video footage helps participants quickly “See, Understand, & Embrace” critical performance corrections in practice and also in the “Heat of Battle.”   

iNpro+ also leverages mission-specific training equipment to teach and sustain competencies required for victory.  Additionally, Bio-Feedback Data and Simulation/Modeling is used to more effectively prepare participants for the “fog and friction” of their competition or mission requirements.