Over 85% of the people surveyed in the United States indicate they are unhappy/unfulfilled in their current employment and that number is growing daily!

WHY? Individuals are dissatisfied, dis-engaged, and are quitting their jobs for several reasons: (1) terrible Person/Position Fit which started by selecting the wrong college or training program right out of high school, (2) relationship struggles, especially with their direct supervisors, or team leader, and/or (3) lack of communication, trust, appreciation and fair treatment.

The True Colors® methodology has helped millions of people find professional success and dramatically improve their choice of careers, their workplace relationships, and beyond.

Our True Careers Workshops provide participants with:

  • Increased understanding of "Self" and others
  • Awareness of entry-level and mid-level career choices that "best fit" their particular True Colors personality spectrum
  • Expanded appreciation for valuing differences
  • Communication skill-building
  • Avenues for a more harmonious, productive work environments
  • Easy integration into existing organizational framework and previous programs
  • A universal language that accelerates problem solving, increases trust, and reduces conflict

This is an excellent workshop for parents, educators, and students (K - College). One's choice of careers is far too important to trust to chance or the "good advice" of others.

It is time that America does a better job of getting the "Right Person in the Right Position for the Right Reason" so our nation can successfully compete globally in the 21st Century!


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